Shantelle Munday

Shantelle Munday's lifelong passion for Ella Baché led her to graduate from the Ella Baché Sydney Campus with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, and after 8 successful years working in a salon, she has now been appointed as the NSW Field Trainer, driven by her ambition to achieve even more within the brand she adores.

Loving the brand from a young age, Shantelle Munday always aspired to work and grow as a Beauty Therapist within the Ella Baché network.

From graduating her Diploma in Beauty Therapy at the Ella Baché Sydney Campus, to working 8 years in Salon, she has now flourished with Ella Baché and has most recently been appointed as NSW Field Trainer with ambition to achieve much more.

We sit down with her as she shares her Ella Baché story, and growing with a brand she adores.

Shantelle’s main passion and drive to become a therapist was one she had from her teens.

“My first experience with Ella Baché was when I tried the products at 17, and that sparked my passion for skin care. Right up until just a few years ago I had hormonal cystic adult acne. Through my knowledge, treatments and the skin care at Ella Baché, I was able to improve my skin”.

Shantelle took her own skin story and set out on a mission to help others improve their skin and in turn their confidence.

Her choice to study at Ella Baché College was simple.

“For me, choosing to study with Ella Bache was an easy choice because I had always admired the therapists for their knowledge, education and skills, and it was someone who I aspired to be like."

After Shantelle completed her studies, she went on to put her training into action and worked at an Ella Baché Salon for 8 years.

“After I finished my diploma of beauty therapy, I started working in a local Ella Baché Salon where I had completed my work experience. And then I went on to work there for nearly 8 years and during that time I was a therapist and then promoted to Manager trainer.”

Shantelle’s time as a therapist allowed her to become a specialist in skin diagnosis’ and an expert in all Ella Baché products and ingredients.

“During my time as a therapist, the more skills that I learned and more treatments that I did, the more confident I got with skin care, ingredients, and the products, it just increased my passion as a therapist. And I've just loved getting my clients amazing results and making them feel confident in their skin. It has made me a very passionate therapist and a trainer, and I'm very excited to be able to share my knowledge with other therapists as well.”

From studying at Ella Baché College, to training in Salon, Shantelle describes how growing at Ella Baché has increased her skillset, confidence and understanding toward all things beauty and most importantly the skin.

“My advice to anyone looking to study a diploma of Beauty with Ella Baché is to just go for it. I had so much fun studying at Ella Baché and I learned so much more than I anticipated. There is so much to learn about the skin and beauty. I'm so grateful I got to experience it”.

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