Emily Black

Emily Back, celebrating her 17th year with Ella Baché, has made her dream of becoming a beauty therapist a reality, starting her journey as an Ella Baché College student and progressing through various roles within the company, including being a therapist, counter manager, NSW Field Trainer, and currently serving as the David Jones NSW/National Sales Manager, inspiring others with her dedication, passion, and commitment to skincare expertise while enjoying the opportunity for career progression within the Ella Baché network.

The prospect of becoming a beauty therapist is a dream on its way to fulfilment and the enrollment process is only the first step of the journey. Celebrating her 17th year with Ella Baché we talked to Emily Back, NSW/National David Jones Sales Manager about her first day as an Ella Baché College student, her career highlights, daily inspirations, future goals and advice she has for our students of 2016.

Why Did You Choose to Study with Ella Baché College?

I chose the college because I loved the skincare range and the salon experience. I was first introduced to Ella Baché products during my time spent in QLD. The Ella Baché Salons were also my go-to when I needed to have my eyebrows done

The Ella Bache Collegé offers genuine career progression for graduates. Ella Bache's vast network of franchise salons and David Jones counters provide real job opportunities. Also, working with a professional skincare range allows you to treat clients’ skin problems and become a  skincare expert.

What Inspires You?

Seeing results on my clients’ skin and seeing my team of therapists develop their skills.

Tell Us About Your Journey with Ella Baché

I have had quite a long journey with Ella Baché. Once I graduated from the Ella Baché College I spent 6 years as a therapist in Ella Baché salons in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I then moved to Sydney and became an Ella Baché Counter Manger in David Jones for 3 years.

After some further studies, I came back to the Ella Baché College as the Student Liaison and from there, I moved into the role of an Ella Baché NSW Field Trainer for 4 years. In my current role as David Jones NSW/National Sales Manager, I am responsible for the 38 Ella Baché David Jones Counters around Australia. There is a lot of opportunity within the company to progress if you are open to it. Many of my colleagues have been with the network for years and love what they do.

Your first day of college was quite some time ago. Do you still remember the thoughts you had on your first day of college?

I was overwhelmed and also excited to be taking the first step into a career in beauty.

Name Your Top Career Highlights

Visiting the original Ella Baché salon in Paris in 2015, winning the Hallas Excellence Award in  2013 and winning the Ella Baché QLD Therapist of the Year in 2000.

What are ​Your Future Goals?

To pursue the opportunity to become a leader in the beauty industry and work at the highest level with Ella Baché is inspiring.  I hope to continue my journey with Ella Baché in a management team.

Words of ​Advice for ​College ​Students Today

If you have a passion for the beauty industry, the Ella Baché College is the right place. Enjoy your time learning a new set of skills and ask questions if you need more help.

Products Emily Can’t Live Without

I have a sensitive skin that tends to breakout. To control the breakout my favourite product is  Serum Antiase. For my eyes, I have to admit that now I am starting to get a few lines, I’ve been using Eternal Eye Cream and Crème Intex as my night repair moisturiser.

With February intake is fast approaching, there is still time to start a career with Ella Baché. Along with hard work, persistence and dedication, any opportunity you have always longed for very well may come your way!

Pictured: Emily Black (left) with Marketing & Sales Director Michael Knox

So what are you waiting for? Kick off your new career by enrolling!

Accreditation: Nationally Accredited Course
Funding: VET Student Loan Approved
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13 May 2024