Louise Isedale

Louise, a dedicated and passionate beauty therapist, began her Beauty Therapy training at Ella Baché in 2007, and after 12 years of being part of the Ella Baché family, her vision for excellence and commitment to helping people feel their best have remained strong, making her an inspiring and empowered member of the beauty industry.

Commencing her Beauty Therapy training at Ella Baché in 2007, 12 years later she remains a part of the Ella Baché family with a vision to excel.

Struggling with hormonal acne and continuous breakouts growing up, her passion for skin is one like many.

“I didn't have very good skin when I was a teenager, I had breakouts and my skin was not great”.

She was first introduced to Ella Baché by her grandmother and mum, two people who have been Ella Baché customers for decades.

“Mum got me onto Ella Baché skincare, like Crème Intex Number 2 and the Savon Deuces Cleanser and it definitely treated the symptoms on the surface of the skin and helped heal my skin”.

Louise has always had a passion for helping people feel their best, so when she decided she wanted to pursue a career in beauty therapy, there was no hesitation that she would attend Ella Baché College.

“When I decided that I wanted to study beauty therapy, my Mum was said you will definitely go to the Ella Baché College, a real lover of the brand”.

Louise thoroughly enjoyed her time at the Sydney campus, taking on Flexi study options, studying three days a week. Post graduation, taking her Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy she has gone on to become a passionate Beauty Therapist with one goal in mind,

“I do love helping people who want great skin. I think that it's really important and it affects people's self-esteem, I have also always loved pampering people”.

Louise creates a safe, comfortable environment for each of her clients with her core motive to empower women. Using quality skincare has been engrained in Louise from a young age, carrying on the importance of good skincare to each of her clients.

“It's about finding that balance for the skin and really healing the symptoms that are on the surface of the skin, and making people feel more confident”.

From College to working in Salon, the Ella Baché network has provided Louise with an incredible career that continues to grow and evolve with great opportunities available to her. 12 years on, Louise is excited about her future within the Ella Baché network and where her career can go from here.

“I would love to be a trainer in head office or own my own Salon when my children get older. I would love that”.

For those who attend the College, or work in an Ella Baché salon, the opportunity to grow and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit while following a passion for skin and beauty is bountiful. Louise’s one piece of advice for those seeking a career in Beauty.

“Beauty therapy is more than just Beauty; it's about creating a safe escape and engaging with clients and giving them the confidence to love the skin they're in. The strong relationships you make is the most rewarding part of being a therapist - I would recommend Ella Baché College to anyone”.

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