Kerry Swain

Kerry, a former professional dancer, found her passion for skincare and embarked on her journey in Beauty Therapy at Ella Baché College, where she embraced the challenges of studying during lockdown, chose the college for its trusted brand and products, and formed lasting connections with fellow students while gaining valuable skills for her professional career path in the beauty industry.

Are you thinking about starting your career in Beauty Therapy? At Ella Baché College, our students work alongside industry leaders to learn what different skins love and how to apply this to their clients to come. This hands-on approach is just one of the many things our students love about their course and we’ve caught up with Kerry for more on her experience.

1. What area were you working in prior to starting your course?

I had a few things going on. I was teaching Dance and Pilates to full time dance students, running my own ballet barre business and also working as a Pharmacy Assistant part time.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

For 25 years, I worked as a professional dancer touring and performing in Australia, Europe in Asia. Some of my theatre credits include The Phantom of the Opera, CATS, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Chicago to name a few. At 35 years of age, I decided it was time to start a family with my husband in France. I finished Chicago and left the performing world to become a mother to my beautiful daughter Lauren. We lived in France for 5 years and then relocated back to Australia to be closer to family and friends. I speak French, I love to paint and basically enjoy family, friends, and the theatre.

3. How have you managed and overcome this past year studying during lockdown?

Studying from home was actually fine. My daughter and I would set up our workstations and sit next to each to do our studies. I would work on my Diploma Theory and she on her school work.

I did miss my days in the salon, seeing the other students and our wonderful teacher and doing the hands-on practical work. I think during lock down I was grateful to have something to throw myself into as it gave me something positive to look forward to - a new career path in Beauty.

4. Why did you choose Ella Bache College?

When I first moved to Melbourne at 17 to do Phantom of the Opera, I discovered Ella Bache and adored the range of skin care, so once I decided to study, I trusted the Ella Bache brand as I had been using it for years and was excited to work with these products professionally.

5. Why did you choose beauty therapy?

I think if I hadn't of become a professional dancer I probably would have landed in Beauty. I had an interest in skin care very young and I also love to feel and smell products and the organisation skills needed to be a beauty therapist.

6. What advice would you give to others interested in studying beauty therapy?

Be prepared to put in the hard work. The practical part is only a small section of what you need to do to get the Diploma done. You will need to be organised and stay on top of the paperwork ... the practical side is the fun part! But in the end, you will achieve much more that you thought you were capable of and pick up skills that were unexpected to take you into your professional career path in the beauty industry.

7. Have you made friends for life during this course?

I met some special ladies during my course. Although I may not see all of them again, they left a lasting impression on me. All from such different backgrounds and life challenges, showing up with humour and determination to get through the work to make a better future for themselves.

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