The History of Ella Baché College

Ella Baché - The Skincare Experts

It was the passion of two extraordinary pioneering women, above all, that laid the foundations and guaranteed the enduring international and local success of the Ella Baché brand.

Our brand's cheeky personality, quirky sense of humour and lovable charm has set us apart from our competitors for over 70 years!

Ella Baché was created in Paris in 1936. Madame Baché was a revolutionary cosmetic chemist and a thoroughly modern woman. Whilst her competitors created products and then simply categorised women according to how they fitted with the product (ie. - dry, oily and normal skin), Ella reversed the process and started with the skin.

She also believed that just as we are genetically individual, the same holds true of our skin. Her skincare philosophy was based on the belief that “no two skins are alike” and each client is a unique individual oso she created an extensive product range enabling solutions to be individually tailored, following a Skin Diagnosis by a qualified Ella Baché Therapist.

Her understanding of the skin’s function, led her to explore the individual benefits of many natural ingredients. She understood that to produce the best possible products that would withstand the test of time, all ingredients should be of the highest available quality.

Ella was one of the first to include ingredients such as tomato extract, vitamin C, nutrient rich algae and lanolin, to enhance and protect the skin. Each product was lovingly-created and prized- they were 'her children'!

Ella Baché has become a uniquely Australian story thanks to the inspiration of an equally remarkable woman, Edith Hallas. Married to Ella’s cousin, Edith brought Ella to Australia in 1954, leading her on a lifetime journey resulting in the creation of one of Australia’s most enduring and respected skincare companies.

"Know your product- but first, know your skin.”
Edith Hallas, Founder, Ella Baché Australia

Australia 1954 - A retail business is born!

Edith Hallas loved and strongly believed in Ella’s products. She brought them from Paris to Sydney in 1954 and walked straight into David Jones with the first cold epil wax in the world. The beauty buyer was uncertain. Whoever had heard of cold wax? But she put her leg on the chair and Edith Hallas gave her a wax treatment then and there. The rest is history!

“Ella Baché will inspire you to be the best that you can be.”

This mission statement reaches across the different areas of the business and means something to all who touch our products and know our brand. Our business is about skincare, but it's also about making people feel better and more confident about themselves. 

Committed to education, our college produces highly-trained beauty therapists for our salons and David Jones counters nationally.

The success of the company:

  • We're one of the oldest family-owned companies in Australia
  • We are the only skincare franchise in Australia
  • Our college has been producing qualified beauty therapists since 1963
  • We were the first to introduce an epil cold wax product to Australia
  • We were the first renowned skincare to produce fruit-acid (tomatoes) in formulas for skin
  • We were the first to emphasise lanolin as a skin nourisher
  • We produced the first renowned skincare to use halibut (cod liver) in formulas for skin
  • We were the first renowned skincare to use Grenoble walnut formula in an award-winning anti-ageing range
  • We produced the first renowned locally-produced sun-care range for the Aussie outdoors
  • We are still, one of the only skincare companies in Australia dedicating a team of researchers to creating products for the Australian climate and our unique skin requirements