Stellar Online Learning Program

If you are looking for a flexible study option, our Stellar Online Learning Program may be better suited to your lifestyle. The Stellar Online Learning Program is designed for students who need flexibility, rather than attending on campus. 


Theory is just as important as practical experience, our Stellar Online Learning Program combines both to ensure you get a great learning experience that will prepare you for a career in beauty therapy.

The My Ella Baché student learning portal provides students with an interactive approach to Online Learning. As a student, you can access the theory components and learning materials online but you will also have the opportunity to attend six practical workshops throughout the diploma, where you will hone your skills learning from our team of professional Beauty Trainers.

[Watch the online learning demo]



Wondering if studying online would suit your lifestyle? Take a quick self-assessment by reading through the following statements;

1.    Setting aside a regular 10-15 hours per week to devote to my online study is possible for me.

2.    I have easy access to a current computer with reliable internet connection.

3.    I can download and save files such as documents, graphics or PDFs from the Internet.

4.    I have my own email account and can send an attachment with an email.

5.    I am comfortable and proficient at creating, saving, locating, and opening different types of files on a computer.

6.    I have little or no trouble expressing myself in writing and would feel comfortable using online discussion forums.

7.    I am usually able to stay on task and avoid distractions (texting, Facebook) while studying.

8.    I understand that online learning is different from learning in a classroom and that it will require a serious commitment from me.

9.    I can practice the skills I learn throughout the course on my friends and family.

If you agree with the majority of these statements, you may be an ideal candidate for the Ella Baché online course!

If you are still considering whether online learning is right for you, read our blog post: 5 Things You Should Consider Before Applying for Online Learning.

If you don’t quite agree with most of these statements you may need to make some preparations before embarking in online study, please contact our Course and Career advisor to discuss study options.