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Beauty Begins With Knowledge Creating Results That Last

August 09, 2016 Posted By Ella Baché

Ella Baché alumni sat down with Jeanette Hawkins a graduate at Ella Baché College of Skin and Beauty Therapy. 

Why Ella Baché?

I chose to study with Ella Baché because it is a trusted skincare brand.  When I began to research beauty colleges, I  found that Ella Bache’s philosophy really resonated with me; “Skin solutions as individual as you are.” This sounded ‘right’ to me, not only do I have a passion for beauty but I also suffer from some severe skin conditions namely acne and rosacea. I thought if I could learn about my skin needs while learning how to help others with their individual skin concerns (which I know firsthand can be debilitating to a person’s confidence) then sign me up! 

What was your biggest highlight while studying at Ella Baché College of Beauty Therapy?

A real highlight for me has been the practical component, where you can see and experience the written components you have learnt so much about. I have particularly enjoyed learning about advanced facials, body treatments and skin biology – learning about how our body works is truly amazing! As part of the course, we were given the option to  give and receive treatments which in my opinion, is the best way to learn, not only by doing but also by feeling.

What is one Ella Baché product you can’t live without?

Since studying at Ella Baché I have found many products beneficial, but one I cannot go a day without would be ‘Emulsion Tomate’. As my skin has been stripped from years of using harsh products to try and control my acne I have found emulsion tomate along with a complete skincare routine has helped restore my skins natural PH levels. It quickly absorbs into the skin not only to re-balance but also to purify and soothe it.

How has becoming a beauty therapist changed your life?

I went from a stay at home mum of 5, to a qualified beauty therapist and now working in the only beauty salon operating in my small town. I’m learning everyday and loving every minute of it, I am not only a wife and mother but also a career woman.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful teachers/trainers and staff for their constant encouragement, support and understanding through this exceptional journey and the beginning of this next chapter in my evolving life. You truly are exceptional. Thank-you. 

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