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five minutes with college graduate taliika jeffery

July 22, 2016 Posted By Ella Baché

Ella Baché alumni sat down with Taliika Jeffery a graduate at the Ella Baché College of Skin and Beauty Therapy, with her beauty schools days now over we gain insight on the beginnings of her career, goals and the products she can’t live without!


  1. Why did you choose to study with Ella Baché?

    I chose Ella Baché as it’s the only college in Australia with it’s with its own skincare line and franchise network, being a fan of the products I found it refreshing that I could go anywhere in Australia and find an Ella Baché salon and the products available. With a passion in beauty I wanted to further my career and chose Ella Baché based on their credibility and strong business foundation.

  2. What was the highlight during your time at Ella Baché College?

    I loved the workshops, experiencing the hands on treatments with a great group of girls was so much fun. Every workshop was amazing as they continuously educated us on beauty tips and tricks and allowed us to practice the treatments on each other!

  3. What did you most enjoy learning?

    I found aromatherapy interesting and loved using all the essential oils, I also enjoyed learning about how the skin works during treatments, with the skin our largest organ you would be amazed at what it can do.

  4. What are you doing now that you have graduated?

    I am now working at an Ella Baché Salon and loving it, with the therapists always seeking to gain more knowledge we are provided with continual training nights enabling us to practice new and innovative treatments.

  5. How has college changed your career?

    My time at Ella Baché College has taught me so many skills that I apply to everyday life and in the salon; it has taught me about skin therapy, exceptional treatments and working with clients on a professional level.

  6. What was your favorite part of the day at the college and why?

    Learning about treatments with a hands on approach, being pampered and pampering the other students, I met an amazing group of girls at the college of which have now become close friends! 

  7. What’s one Ella Baché product you can’t go a day without?Hydra Repair Baume, my absolute favorite product – rich and creaming leaving your skin feeling nourished and protected!

If you are interested in a career in beauty therapy we are currently accepting September enrolments, contact us today!

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