How I Became a Successful Beauty Therapist - By Leanna Windsor

by Ella Baché | Dec 09, 2014
Within two years of graduating from the Ella Baché College, 23-year-old Leanna became the owner of an Ella Baché Salon in Chatswood and won the Ella Baché Business Development Award.

Leanna  finished school and moved to Sydney to study business, however her life-long passion for beauty steered her in a new direction and she enrolled into Ella Baché College to study a Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

The passion from the teachers at Ella Baché College was inspiring. They provided us with extensive hands-on experience whilst studying. I had real client experience through the on-campus salon including client bookings, salon team work and salon management skills,” Leanna says.

After Leanna graduated in 2012, she worked in a newly-opened Ella Baché Salon in Newcastle and witnessed the support and guidance that her previous employer received from Ella Baché Head Office.

With the support of her family and Ella Baché, Leanna became the owner of an Ella Baché Salon on 1 October 2013. 

Being young, the idea of owning my own salon was daunting. However, I feel that Ella Baché College equipped me with the knowledge and tools to become a professional Beauty Therapist and a competent business woman, plus, I have a talented team and a helpful business manager that continue to support me and my salon,” Leanna  states.

Within ten months of Leanna taking ownership, the Chatswood salon thrived with a 30% growth in profitability and a 50% monthly increase in the client base. For this excellence, Leanna was awarded the Ella Baché Business Development Award in August 2014.

Ella Baché has a fantastic culture and adopts its staff into its family. By studying at the college, I feel that I was given the best skincare and diagnostics training in Australia and Ella Baché has continued to nurture my career and facilitated me to reach my goals and own my own Ella Baché Salon,” Leanna states.


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