A qualified Beauty Therapist is a skincare expert able to consult with a client about their skin condition, diagnose their needs to obtain a healthier skin and recommend a treatment and homecare regime. Working in a Beauty Salon, on a cosmetic counter in a retail store, in a 5 star resort or hotel or on a cruise ship they are the go to person for all clients’ skincare concerns.

Engaging with customers at every level of their salon experience is a major part of the beauty therapist’s daily activity. An Ella Baché therapist is an expert in skincare with a strong understanding of key body systems, skin biology, anatomy and cosmetic chemistry, therapists apply their expertise in performing a wide range of specialised face and body treatments.

At Ella Baché we believe that no two skins are alike and customise our clients’ skincare solutions accordingly.

To become a Beauty Therapist you will need a recognised qualification. At Ella Bache College we deliver the SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy.


Beauty Therapists may also work in salons and clinics where advanced technologies such as IPL and Laser are used to perform services including hair removal, microdermabrasion, collagen stimulation, pigmentation reduction, vascular and other anti-aging treatments.

To perform these treatments safely and effectively for maximum skin results without harm it’s important to gain higher level qualifications in dermal (skin) therapies. While also important, It’s not enough just to be trained in how to use the various types of equipment.

At Ella Baché College we deliver the SIB70110 Graduate Certificate in IPL & Laser Hair Reductio

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